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Jewelry Care: Diamonds

A Diamond Engagement Ring is something you will treasure forever. It is important that you give thought to its care.

  • Don’t wear your rings while doing rough work such as gardening.Remember to take them off while making beds.Fine threads and nylon can easily lift prongs and endanger your diamond. Even though a diamond is durable it can easily be chipped by a hard hit.

  • Don’t let your diamond come in contact with chlorine bleach.It can or discolor the ring mounting.

  • See you jeweler about , even if you clean them on a regular basis at home.Your jeweler can give them a “brand new look” by using proper buffing and cleaning techniques can also be checked to make sure they are properly holding your diamond in place.Some older pieces may need to be done more often.

  • A film from lotions, perfumes, soaps, and powders are just some of the things that can build up on your diamond and make them look dull.Light that can reflect through your diamond will enhance its natural brilliance.

  • Never attempt to fix your jewelry yourself. You may cause more damage that could make it harder for your jeweler to repair.

  • Try to stay away from any cleaner that contains . Always follow the directions for each individual cleaner.If you’re unsure if a solution is safe ask your jeweler.

  • Keep all jewelry separate from each other to avoid scratching, denting, and other damage.

Colored Stones need the same amount of care as your diamond jewelry. There are a wide variety of colored stones, though, that do require specific cleaning and wear. Emeralds and Opals are just an example. Both stones are easy to break & scratch. Your jeweler is an expert and can give you the best advice possible for your specific items.

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